The first time I had to handle a prayer issue at work was about 20 years ago. As the HR manager I had to establish the company policy regarding prayer times at work. At that time I took the position that the 3 breaks we had on each shift afforded enough time for employee’s to satisfy their prayer needs. I grew up in northern Minnesota where everyone in town was a Christian; either Protestant or Catholic. I moved to southern Minnesota after college and came into contact with employees of many different faiths. I had been taught that I could pray anytime and anywhere. I soon learned that the new faiths I had encountered had requirements I was not familiar with.

Today many employers are making changes to accommodate prayer at work. Not because they are required to, but because employers know that if they can facilitate an employee’s prayer needs, the organization will be able to recruit and retain more employees.

Does your employer:

  1. Provide a designated prayer room?
  2. Reconfigure bathrooms to allow for proper hygiene prior to prayer?
  3. Allow prayer times in addition to regular break times?

I would like to know how your employer is managing prayer at work.